I provide a range of training aimed at organisations working with vulnerable people, particularly young people, the homeless and those with mental health difficulties. The most common courses are listed below, but I provide bespoke courses as required.

Professional Boundaries

Most organisations handle professional boundaries through codes of conduct or ethics. While these codes and associated policy and procedure provide good guidelines for staff, there are often many difficult areas. This course focuses on understanding how to apply professional boundaries when working with vulnerable people. It particularly tackles how to work when there are boundary dilemmas or situations not covered by an organisation’s policies.

Communication Skills

A core skill for those working with vulnerable people is how to communicate effectively. This course focuses on how to actively listen and on the use of verbal and non-verbal communication skills. It presents a model of how communication works that can be easily applied to the work environment.

Coaching Skills

Coaching skills support people to explore who they are and find solutions to their difficulties. Coaching skills are useful for those working one to one with vulnerable people. They are also useful for those who manage staff. This training presents a solution focussed approach to coaching along with the skills necessary to implement it.

Working with Challenging Behaviour

Vulnerable people may present with aggressive, manipulative or passive behaviour that can be difficult to work with. This course uses participant examples and scenarios to build the resources to understand and work effectively with challenging behaviour.

About me

I have worked with vulnerable people in the supported housing sector since 1986. During that time I have managed hostels, foyers for young people, and rough sleeper provision. As a consultant I’ve also worked with older people’s services and mental health services. Throughout my career I’ve also delivered training to front line staff and their managers. I am a qualified counsellor and coach and bring these skills into my training. You can find out more about me through LinkedIn.

I charge £350 for a day’s training, £200 for a half day, although there may be an extra charge for a bespoke training package.



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