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The meditation group is currently taking a break.  If you want to know more about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, there is an interesting article on it here.

I run this group in partnership with Lorna of Quiescence Wellbeing.  Contact me to find out more.

Systemic and Receptive Consultations

Receptive Consultations

If you have a specific question you are trying to answer, or a situation that confuses you no matter how hard you think about it, the use of images can help explore what underlies the situation.

One way I can help you with this is through relaxation and guided ‘waking dreams’. This is not searching for direct answers, but rather for images that may provide a feeling or insight that over time will unfold, working on both conscious and unconscious levels. A session consists of relaxing using breathing techniques, then letting your imagination provide you with images as I guide you through a scene. We then spend some time discussing the experience and what understanding you might receive from the images.

It is common for people to find ‘waking dream’ work difficult at first, so I also use evocative images to help awaken the intuition. I use traditional images from a Celtic card pack to help with this. Working with these can unlock understanding that the conscious and cognitive mind cannot access on its own. A session involves discussing the question, situation or change that you want to explore, then using the card images to work with that. A session ends with looking at how you might bring insights gained into your life.

Relationship System Consultations

When you are struggling with relationships at work or home, it will often be helpful to understand what is going on within a group, rather than just looking at one to one relationships. Exploring a Relationship System gives you insight into situations. This helps work through difficult situations, explore changes you may wish to make, and improve your relationships.

To explore a relationship system we use 3D figurines, as placing these in relationship to each other will give a better picture of the underlying dynamics. It also allows you to experiment with changes to that system, and think about how you can approach it differently. We consider how each person in the system relates to the others and how this impacts on you. Sometimes, especially where families are concerned (and a work place can be like a family), someone you have little direct contact with may have a big influence. It may also be that a simple change in how you relate with one or two people can make a big difference.


Consultations can be for a single session of 50 minutes, or as part of a longer series of sessions.


I partner with Lorna Benbow of Quiessence Wellbeing who provides holistic massage and other body treatments. Many issues can leave you stressed, tired and less able to cope. Lorna can work with this to help you release stored tension, trauma and emotion through work with the body.




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