Coming off prescribed medication

Medication prescribed to help people through mental health issues may itself become a difficulty, especially when taken long term.  For anyone who wants to know more about medication, how it works and about the potential withdrawal effects of coming off medication I recommend coming

Medication can be helpful in supporting people during difficult times but some effects may be unhelpful.  In a small number of cases medication may make things worse due to adverse reactions.  Some research suggests that long term medication can prolong mental health difficulties for some people, particularly if the root of the issue is not tackled.  I recommend reading about any medication you are prescribed and monitoring its effect on you carefully.

I also suggest you think about how to tackle the cause of any mental health issues you are experiencing: one danger with medication is that when the symptom is masked we forget there is an underlying problem. While a few people may need long term medication, many people experiencing mental health issues may be better served talking through feelings and difficulties.  There may be ways you live or relate to your life which underly some of the problems and it is worth taking time to explore this.

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