Counselling or Coaching?

Counselling and coaching have many things in common, and sometimes the difference between them is unclear. This is because they share so many features with each other.

Coaching focuses on changes you want to make in your life, making decisions and learning skills. It is primarily about doing something about a situation, finding direction, solutions or answers to problems. We work consciously with what we know or can uncover or observe about situations, often with action points at the end of a session. Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or less frequent. Coaching is suitable when you want to solve a specific problem, answer a question, learn skills or learn skills.

Counselling works at a deeper level than coaching. Things may have reached a point where you feel overwhelmed or can’t carry on with things as they are. It may be that you don’t know what’s wrong, but know there’s a problem due to symptoms like anxiety, depression, addiction, rage, panic attacks or feeling hopeless. Counselling works through mutual exploration of your issues, and works with the unconscious. Sessions are held the same time every week and are open ended, so a program of counselling often continues much longer than coaching and supports change at a fundamental level.

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