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Anxiety, Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Everyone has some anxiety, which can help give a bit of an ‘edge’ when you really need to perform. However too much anxiety, or constant anxiety, can be debilitating and wear us out. Anxiety is linked to stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. These cause physical symptoms, such as sweating or increased heart rate. In excess you can get palpitations, feelings of panic, or being on edge all the time.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder is excessive worry over an extended period, normally six months or more.  It is associated with symptoms such as irritability, restlessness and feeling on edge, muscle tension, becoming easily fatigued, difficulty concentrating or your mind going blank and sleep disturbance.  Your anxiety may not have reached this point, but if you are noticing some of these symptoms, then anxiety may be the cause.

The first thing we would work on is how to manage the anxiety better, before looking at what might be the underlying cause. Anxiety often focusses on something specific and I will help you find out what that is. It could be that the pressure you are under day to day is too great, and this is your body telling you to slow down. How to do this might be the focus of the work. It may be that the anxiety is linked to another sort of stress, that of leading a life you don’t want to. You might not be aware of what you do want, but we could look for that together. Or it could be that you’ve been affected by past traumatic events. When trauma is involved, I recommend a counselling approach, especially if you have panic attacks.

Whatever the cause of your anxiety, identifying it can help you decide how to deal with it, and what changes you might need to make.





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