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Confidence affects us in many ways; it can come through in how we behave in relationships, at work, how we think about ourselves and our lives. It can affect what you believe you can do or achieve. It can be different in different areas of our lives – you might be perfectly confident at work and yet be unable to achieve the relationships you want.

If there are situations you feel anxious about, this may be to do with your confidence, especially if you know what you need to do or they are familiar situations.  This can really affect your mood and make you self critical, frustrated and even depressed or more anxious. Negative thoughts easily creep in, including feeling “I can’t do it” or “I’m not worth it”.

I can work with you to explore your confidence and to build positive thinking and attitudes. This includes understanding your own critical inner voice, working with blocks that drain your confidence, and building that confidence through small positive and concrete steps in your life.

Much work on confidence focuses on positive thinking, such as affirmations. While these are valuable, I will also work with you to understand what value the ‘negative’ thoughts have and how you can work with them, rather than against them.





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