Relationship counselling


Counselling couples

Having an intimate partner is one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences in life. It is seldom simple to develop that relationship and can get more complex as time goes on. Life can throw a lot of difficulties at us, and our intimate relationship often suffers because of them.

Conflict is almost certainly a part of any intimate relationship, but it may become unmanageable. This conflict might be expressed through arguments, silences, no longer having fun together or one partner losing interest in the other. It can be incredibly difficult and seeking outside help may be the only way forwards.

Couple counselling works with both partners in a relationship. It seeks to improve communication, tackle the underlying issues and find a way forwards to leave the couple better able to deal with any future problems. Sessions create a safe space where both partners can speak and be heard by the other. We will explore what is happening and how each partner perceives the problem, before working together to find a way forwards.

Couple counselling is best suited to couples attending together, but if your partner is reluctant you may want an individual meeting to start with. If you come as a couple, sometimes individual sessions outside of the joint session will support the process.

I won’t assume that you will want to stay together. If you want to consciously uncouple, with the minimum of distress and pain, then counselling can help with that as well.





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