If you are feeling depressed, I would recommend exploring this through counselling.  If the depression feels severe and prevents you functioning day to day, you may also wish to get help from your GP.  What counselling can do is help you explore feelings of depression, find the root causes of the feeling, and support you to work your way through those feelings.

I can’t take away your depression. I do see it paradoxically as a potential space for healing and change, rather than something to be medicated away.  I will help you find ways to cope with your depression and the impact it has on your life.  This may mean making changes to your life, or finding acceptance for elements that cannot be changed.

When you are depressed, it can feel like things are hopeless and will never change.  This is seldom the case, although it may take more time than our manic culture wants it to. Depressed feelings can be a healthy response to difficulties in your life, although not ones you would normally welcome.  I will help you explore this and make sense of it.  Often, this action alone is enough to shift those feelings of hopelessness.

Here is a link to a video talk on depression that I think worth watching: Can Depression be good for you?  While this video gets technical and intellectual at times you may find it interesting.  You may also find helpful The Recovery Letters, which are written by those recovering from depression.






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