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The grief involved in losing someone close to you can be overwhelming, and if unresolved can lead into depression or other difficulties. It can also be isolating, as most people are terrified of death; not just of their own deaths, but terrified of thinking, seeing or talking about it. The reactions of family and friends can sometimes make things worse and lead to anger, frustration and loneliness.

We can explore how you feel and the impact that this has on your life in a safe environment, where you can express yourself without fear or embarrassment about how you will impact others. Part of the work is to remember the person who has passed, and let the grief come as it needs to, in order to move beyond it.

Working through this alters how you understand what has happened and gives value to your emotions. It also helps you find a way to make meaning from the death, and bring that into your life as a way to honour the one who has died.

I would normally recommend counselling for working through these issues, as much of the difficulty can be at an unconscious or emotional level, which counselling is better suited to work with.

Video on Loss and Grief first published in Penny Post, 31st May 2016





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