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Our physical health is intimately connected with our psychological health. You may wish to improve your health generally, or you may have specific issues you want to tackle.

I can work with you on your health from two perspectives – that of healthy living, and that of how health problems may reflect other difficulties in your life.

Healthy living:

Together we can explore what health means to you, from diet to exercise, to lifestyle, relationships and stress that impact on how healthy you feel and are. Our purpose will be to look at ways to improve your feeling of wellbeing and tackle unhealthy habits. This could include planning exercise and diet, how to find time in your day for peace and relaxation, or how to support yourself to work with addictions.

Health problems:

Many health issues have a psychological component, and sometime illness is our body’s way of telling us that we need to make changes. It might be a reaction to stress, anxiety or a way of life that simply does not suit you. I can help you explore the psychological component of health problems and consider the implications for your life. We might work with any symptom from chronic muscular tension to digestion, exhaustion, migraines or any other illness.

We can also look at accidents and risk taking; especially if you feel you are accident prone or feel compelled to take risks there may be unconscious reasons why this happens which we can explore.




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