Motivation and Will

Meaning and Purpose

Motivation and Will

Maybe nothing excites you, and it’s hard to do much about the things you want to change? How many times have you thought that you should do something, but just haven’t? This could be anything from changing jobs, to losing weight or just getting out and doing more.

Together we can explore how you can achieve a passionate and engaged life. It’s likely this can take some time – there’s seldom a quick fix, and that may be part of the difficulty. It all depends what’s blocking your Will, and that’s what we’ll look for.

It can simply help to talk things over and set goals and clarify what you want. Most likely we will need to look at what stops you, and work through that. Low motivation may be linked to low self esteem, or it may be that there is something else holding you back. Or it may be that your lack of motivation is telling you something about the direction your life is taking – it might be telling you that your career, relationship or lifestyle is not quite what you want any more.  It is important not just to develop strong Will, but also a Will that is skilful and good for you and others, that fulfils purpose.

We will explore these questions, while looking at ways to build motivation for change practically. It is likely that an experiential approach, trying different things out, will help with this.

Whatever the case, you’ve taken the first step towards motivation – realizing you want something to change, and looking for a way to do that, perhaps with the help of coaching or counselling.





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