Purpose and Meaning, Spirituality

I believe that we all have purpose and meaning to be discovered in our lives, even if we are not aware of it. One way to uncover your purpose is by working through the blocks and resistances that show up in the form of addictions, limiting behaviours or even depression.  Talking in a safe and confidential space can help you find perspective and clarity, enabling you to step fully into your own life. Finding purpose, passion and meaning for your life is a different journey for each individual. I can help you explore what makes your heart sing, what brings you closer to yourself, and together we can nourish an emerging sense of wonder.

You may already be troubled by questions directly relating to purpose.  You may be asking “What is the meaning of my life?” or “Who am I?” or you may feel lost and adrift. Perhaps you have reached many of your life goals, and are wondering if that’s all there is to it? This may come on you for no apparent reason, or there might be a clear trigger, such as a death, children leaving home, retirement, or a trauma. You may have had an unusual spiritual experience.

You do not have to be spiritual or religious to be concerned with purpose, meaning and passion. Your way may be quite concrete and material, artistic or creative. Whatever your way, it is something that can help you with focus and direction when things are tough.

You may already have a spiritual or religious focus, but be experiencing a crisis that makes you doubt your way. We can explore this crisis together. If you are looking for specific religious guidance then I’m not for you – but if your questions are broader spiritual ones, or you want to explore what this means for you, then I can help you do that.





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