Relationship counselling

Relationship Issues

You may be experiencing difficulties in current relationships, with a partner, family or friends. Or you might have problems with people at work. Or maybe you want to find someone and that’s a challenge.

Relationships are central to our lives. If you want to work on how you relate to others, we will explore how you communicate, how you understand others, and how you can be yourself with others.  I can work with you as an individual, or I can work with you and your partner as a couple.

When looking at difficulties with relationships, we will first explore what is difficult in the relationship. Sometimes finding out what is causing problems can be the most challenging thing. In other cases you may know what you want to change, but need a strategy or the confidence to do so. We can work with a range of issues, from how you make arguments positive, to how you cope with smothering love. I don’t work with parenting issues, but can work with most other concerns.

At work some of the same issues you have in personal relationships may play out, but there is the added dimension of the work setting. As well as how you ‘do’ relationships, we would also look at what role you take at work and how that manifests in a group environment. We will also look at how to change those dynamics, how to manage upwards, sideways and how to relate to those you are responsible for.

Finding and establishing new relationships is difficult and challenging. I don’t work with people on chat up techniques or how to be smooth, but I can help you be yourself as you seek someone to share life with. Sometimes dropping the chat up lines and techniques is exactly what is required, so that you can be genuine. Finding out what you really want, and who you really want to be in relationships is challenging work. We would explore that, and what you fear, and whether you lessen your chances of connection by hiding who you are when you do not need to.





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