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Some stress can be useful in our lives, motivating us to action and achievement. However, if you are reading this you have probably passed over your stress threshold and are feeling overwhelmed. Over time being highly stressed wears out the body, mind and emotions and can lead to physical and mental health issues. Stress is really common today in a culture where work and life can be highly pressured and achievement focused.

How you are affected by stress can vary. It can make you angry, tense, agitated and overly emotional. It can cause you to be withdrawn, with little energy and showing little emotion. Or you may get both of these at once, freezing you up so you seem paralyzed on the surface, yet very agitated beneath this.

If stress is one of the issues you want to tackle we can explore causes, ways of reducing stress and how you increase your tolerance for this. Over time we can develop a plan of what better supports you in your daily life, and what changes you want to make.




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