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Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings

It may be that life is so unbearable it feels that it would be better to kill yourself.  Or you may be disturbed by suicidal thoughts, feelings or urges. Maybe you dwell on how you might kill yourself.

There is hope.  Counselling brings about change, and you can change how you think and feel about your life.  This will often lead to making concrete changes in your life, or to be able to put something that has happened behind you.  What this normally needs is time and professional support.

However suicidal thoughts and feelings trouble you, counselling can help you cope and explore the causes and meaning of those thoughts and feelings. First I would work with you to help you manage how you feel day to day, so that you have time to explore a different perspective on how things are. After this we look at what these thoughts and feelings mean, what message about your life they might have for you.  Sometimes they may be telling us that a situation or relationships in our lives are intolerable. While it may look like there is no way out, once we find the roots of how you think and feel, it widens your choice.

It is not wrong to have these thoughts and feelings, but they can be very frightening, making it difficult to deal with them on your own. You may fear that if you share them with family or friends they may judge you.  If you want to talk about this subject in confidence, contact me.

If you are thinking about killing yourself right now, then for immediate support contact the Samaritans on 116 123 (free number).






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