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If you have been traumatised, through abuse, an accident, violence, or a crime, then you may hold the memory of those events in your brain and body. Many people think trauma only happens if there is a one off dramatic event, but it can also occur through a series of longer term less dramatic events, such as with neglect over a period.  It may even be that you witnessed a traumatic event, but it still affects you. The impact of the memory can cause nightmares, flashbacks, panic attacks, be expressed as pain in the body, or cause you to feel detached from your emotions or body. Symptoms are very varied, from uncontrollable weeping to terror triggered by things seemingly not associated with the trauma.  A doctor may have given a diagnosis of PTSD, but the results can be as varied as anxiety, depression or phobias.

For those suffering from any of the above as a result of trauma I recommend counselling.  Over a series of sessions we would explore the impact of the trauma on you, how you can feel safe, and use non-touch techniques that involve both your body sensations and memory.  This approach helps you integrate your body and mind responses, and improves how you deal with stressors that may cause trauma induced responses.  To begin we will explore how to identify your responses, how to sooth yourself so that symptoms do not become debilitating, and build a sense of safety for you.  Our ultimate goal will be to free you from the symptoms that trouble you.





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