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Work/life balance

It may be you are too exhausted to see friends, spend time with your children, find a partner, or just that work seems to have consumed your life. The modern workplace can make so many demands that sometimes it seems like that’s all there is. You may be concerned that work has become your only identity.

Work/life balance gets talked about a lot, but you might consider there is only life, a life in which you work. If we look at your work/life balance we will explore what you want from life and how work fits into that. This could include practical ways to switch off, relax and have more time for what you want to do. It may mean looking at difficult choices between career, family, relationships and other goals. It might also mean looking at how you approach work and if habits at work make it more difficult or consuming than it needs to be.

We will look at what you value, how you want to spend your time and energy, what might prevent you from making changes, and plan how to make changes. We can consider both your current choices and habits, and how you might want things to change in the medium to long term. There is no right way or set answer to this – it all depends on what you value and what you want from your life.




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