Overcome trauma with yoga

Trauma and distress become lodged in the body, so often it is useful to combine physical movement with a talking therapy to support recovery. Yoga is one way to do this, and in the video below Bessell van der Kolk talks about this.

Bessell van der Kolk talks about yoga and trauma

When considering taking a yoga class or creating your own practice as part of managing trauma, anxiety or recovery from addiction, it’s important to choose something that works for you. It may be best to avoid yoga classes that are prescriptive or highly energetic at first. Something softer where you can find your own rhythm is better. There are a lot of benefits to classes, as doing postures with others both helps motivation to do the yoga, and helps with feeling connected to others. However, if you can’t find a suitable class, then there are many available on the web. It’s also something I can discuss with you in a session.

I work as a counsellor and coach in the Hungerford and Marlborough area, and also via Skype and telephone.

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