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As a therapist your privacy is very important to me.  Anything you tell me will be treated confidentially, and I will not reveal it to another party without your consent, unless I am legally obliged to.  I have to break confidentiality if I believe a child is in danger, or to prevent an act of terrorism.  Confidentiality is something my professional body takes very seriously and I keep to their ethical standards.

I have professional supervision, where I may discuss how I am working with you.  My supervisor will not know who you are and is also ethically bound by confidentiality.

I comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.  What this means is that any information I hold on you is stored securely.  I keep basic personal details electronically which are password protected.  Any notes I make do not include your name or details that could identify you, and are kept securely.

If you want to know more please ask.


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