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Christmas Holidays

I’m taking a break over Christmas, from December 24th through to January 2nd.  Apologies if you try to contact me during that time and I am slow to respond.  Wishing you all a good Christmas season and, hopefully, some calm and

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Stress, fatigue and burnout

Modern life can often be stressful. If it is stressful over a long period it can lead to fatigue, burnout, health and relationship problems. Without proper self-care, rest, relaxation and time, even the most resilient of us will reach a

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Open day raises £358 for The Brooke

On Saturday had a brilliant day doing a fundraiser for The Brooke charity for working horses and donkeys, while showcasing the new premises in Chisbury.  Thanks to everyone who came along! Open Day raises £358 for The Brooke  

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Just Say No!

Maybe I’m getting to be a grumpy old man, but I get irritated by the modernist urging to be positive. Think positive, be positive, say “YES!” to life. Excuse me, but NO! Positivity and ‘yes’ have their place, but my

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Getting Anxious

Right now I’m feeling anxious. The catch on the boot of my car has broken, locking in a bag with my diary inside. The local garage has no time, and I’m waiting for a call from another mechanic to find

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Making Contact

It’s good to make contact, isn’t it? By contact I mean the whole array of human contact, be it friendship, intimate relationships, acquaintance or nodding hello to someone you pass. Of course it’s a good thing, or so I assume.

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A depth without flesh resting in my chest, bleak Without desire. Cheerless yet comforting, Open to sorrow, accepting shadow, quiet. An ebony man uncurls, unfurls and stares with cobalt eyes Right into me. No genteel sheet hides his skin No

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I have limitations. They teach me. When I was young, I didn’t really think about limitations. You may remember the feeling of being immortal and indestructible – then along comes something and ‘bang!’ – you’re more Clarke Kent than Superman.

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